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Internet Sockets
This site provides a guide to network programming using Internet Sockets. It is written by Brian "Beej" Hall in 2005. This tutorial is specifically targeted for socket programming novices and enthusiasts. It addresses socket programming techniques primarily for Linux, Unix and BSD machines with any gcc installation, with a brief note for Windows programmers. It also addresses common questions and includes man pages for reference.
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Just Basic
If you are searching for a program that you can use to create applications for the windows operating system then look no further as you can download Just Basic for free and juse it to create applications for business, industry and more.
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Programming Books
If you visit this site here you will have access to lots of free programming books, textbooks and lecture notes.
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This section is intended to beef up our education and teaching section with free tutorials on programming and "how to" build programs, we will include most systems here and how to nuts and bolts! Additionally a range of useful free programming languages, we hope you find this new section useful, If you know of a useful web programming resource please let me know and I will add it here, thanks..
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