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Useful Sites

Worldwide Travel Guides

Wiki travel is a complete up-to-date worldwide travel guide and has guides to over 20,000 destinations around the globe.

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Editor Recommendations

First Choice

First choice website offer kids to go away for free on a number of holidays, Why book anywhere else and pay for your kids when you can take them for free here..

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Free In Europe

If you are planning on doing any travelling in Europe and want to make your cash stretch further, then you need to check out this website. Here you will find tons of information about free tourist attractions and free things to do all over Europe.

(Date Listed: Tue Sep 4 05:41:01 2007)

Virgin Money Travel Insurance

Virgin Money have great deals on travel insurance, and also up to 3 kids (under the age of 18) can be insured for free, with one adult who is insured, now that's a great deal, click here now to make the most of your traveling insurance!

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Matador Network

This free website gives you in depth information and advice on how to travel the world for free, everyone thinks traveling is expensive but this will prove to you that it isnt so if you are interested in traveling the world then check this site out now

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Last Minute

Last Minute offers travelers cheap flights, hotels, holidays and city breaks from the day to day stress and anxieties. Enjoy traveling to some of the best destinations in the world from Last Minute's best holiday discounts and deals. Sign up for the newsletter and receive the latest information on promotions only on Last Minute!

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Kids Free Deals

Kids Free Deals offers free travel deals to children. AOL Travel features some of the best free kids deals which are useful to parents that travel frequently. Check out AOL Travel and become privy to the latest news and updates on free travel deals for kids!

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Arrival Guides

Arrival Guides is your ultimate free travel guide to destinations all around the world. Check out the recommended destinations, fully packed with sightseeing, restaurants, cosy cafes, maps, clubs, bars and events. Established in 2005, Arrival Guides aims to provide the traveler with concise and unique travel information in over 22 different languages. Arrival Guides take the traveler around the world for free!

(Date Listed: Tue Sep 4 05:41:01 2007)

Free Travel Blog

The Travellers point website besides offering lots of very useful information and guides to travelling around the globe also offer travellers the opportunity of starting up their own travel blog which they can then share with their friends and family so as they can be kept updated with information and pictures of your travelling. This service is completely free, see the website for more information.

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Travel Planners

If you have just finished your studies or maybe you would like to take a gap year before continuing with your education this site is for you. The site was created by backpackers and is aimed at anyone interested in backpacking around the world. This site is packed full of very useful information and also offers free downloadable travel planners and guides.

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