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Practical Php Programming

If you go to this site you will find the Practical Php Programming book which is free for anyone to view online. The book is hosted on a very good server so you will have no problems trying to access the 26 chapters of the book.

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Php Editors

If you are searching for a good website with lots of php resources available then you ought to take a look at this website here. It has lots of free tutorials, php tools, php games, web templates and lots more.

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Programming Guide

On this website you will find free php scripts, php codes, php sources, tutorials and more that would be very useful for anyone that is using php or thinking about using it.

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Hot Scripts

This website has one of the largest collections of scripts on the internet. If you are looking for free php scripts then you should check out this site first as it probably has exactly what you are looking for.

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