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C Plus Plus

The C Plus Plus website offers general information about programming language, documentation pages and tutorials which describes the specifics and features, library reference with descriptive examples of fully functional short programs and a message board where members can share, exchange and participate in discussions.

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Algorithms Object-Oriented Design Patterns In C++

This book presents the data structures and algorithms with Object-Oriented Design patterns in C++. It is authored by Bruno R. Preiss in 1997. The primary goal of the book is to promote object-oriented design using C++ and illustrate the five emerging object-oriented design patterns. The secondary goal of the book is to present mathematical tools, analysis techniques and proofs. It includes complex, yet well-designed program examples.

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NeilS Guide To C++

This book is a draft and abandoned version of Neil's Guide to C++, written by Neil C. Obremski in 2001-2002. It includes the basics of computer programming, and the syntax and semantics of C++ language. It was meant to teach fresh users how to program in C++ with as little pain as possible.

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WhoS Afraid Of C++: The WWW Edition

This book written by Steve Heller and was published in 1996. The book is now obsolete and the new, up-to-date book C++ A Dialog is available for free download. This book Whos Afraid Of C++ is a manual for novice C++ programmers with some basic knowledge of any language other than C++. It includes chapters on hardware fundamentals, basics of programming, functional literacy and a few advanced topics.

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C++ In Action (Industrial Strength Programming)

This site presents a web edition and hardcopy edition of the book C++ In Action Industrial Strength Programming Techniques by Bartosz Milewski. The book presents a unique approach for teaching the language from the perspective of a professional programmer. It teaches C++ language for C programmers, and concentrates on building interesting programs meant for simple command-line program or GUI Windows application.

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C++ Coding Standard

This site is a C++ Coding Standard written by Todd Hoff in 2007. The standard delves into the syntax and semantics of C++ language that should be followed for efficient, reusable and reliable programs. It includes coding guidelines for selection of names, classes, documentation, process and formatting. It is a must read for C++ programmers who dare to comply with standards for writing better code.

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Available C++ Libraries Faq

This site contains a list of frequently asked questions on C++ libraries. It was compiled by Nikki Locke from a variety of contributors and newsgroups by 2006. This site addresses common C++ libraries queries for C++ programmers everywhere. It also includes various flavors of the library for download and a list of tools for C++ programmers.

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