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The Alice Project
Alice is an educational piece of software which is absolutely free to download and use for the public. Students can learn computer programming in a 3D environment. With this software you can create animations and simple video games and much more. The software is being given away free by Carnegie Mellon University stop by this website to get your copy of this software right now whicn is available for windows, mac and linux systems.
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Parametric Surfaces NURB Curves And Surfaces
If you're looking to create a non-uniform rational B-Spline NURB, then this website is what you're looking for. This site will give you the basic information necessary to create parametric surfaces as well as NURB curves and surfaces. The site also includes how to create knot vectors and computational algorithms.
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Wavelets Mathematical Methods Computer Graphics
For a website that can give you information on both wavelets as well as computerized graphics, then the site is that you been looking for. From the basic introductions to the advanced tutorials this site has them all to help you with your computer graphic needs.
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Generating Random Fractal Terrain
When it comes to fractal terrains, this site has everything you need including a download of the source code to help you to generate a random fractal terrain.
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Parametric Surfaces NURB Curves
Using QuickDraw 3D you are able to utilize a mathematical model to create an arbitrary curve. This function is known as an NURB. In order to use NURB you must also have a bit of understanding in mathematical theory and this website gives you those basics to the mathematical concepts behind the QuickDraw 3D mathematical models.
(Listed On Fri Jul 10 11:22:50 2009)
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