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Useful Sites

Web Design

If you are looking for a new web design for your company website, or need to just update an existing one and or maybe go interactive with a shopping cart blog or forum you could try dreamsight, we are not a free company but our solutions are extremely competitive.

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Webmaster Tutorials

If you have little or no experience in how to design your own website then you need to go to this website which will teach you from the bottom up how to create your own websites. This is done by following their webmaster tutorials which are all free and can teach you step by step how to design your perfect website.

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Customized Flash Movie

Here is one flash freebie for you! You can personalize your own flash movie with your very own picture and a picture of your friend or special someone. What more, you can even make the characters say your own dialogues too. You can send them as e-cards or insert them in your web pages.

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Free Webmaster Help.Com

This free tutorial will help you along with all the information you need to succeed in this subject, it includes tutorials on cookies, ASP, Advanced HTML, Frames and Tables, htaccess, Rounded Table corners, Flash 5, FTP, Beginners, Javascript, PHPMySQL, Site Promotion, Mobile Internet WMLWAP, Server Side Includes (SSI), HTML-The Basics, XHTML, Stylesheets, XML and PHP. Click here now to start learning like a Master!

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Free Website Templates

If you do not have the knowledge, flair or time to create your own web designs then take a look at this website here as they offer a range of free website templates which you can download and use for free. They also have a wide range of images that are also free to download and use, see the Elated website for more details.

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