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Useful Sites

Man And Mollusc

A Free Resource Site for Students, Educators, and anyone wanting to learn more about the fascinating world of Molluscs, Snails Etc...

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Federal Resources

On this site you will find a wealth of information on education and teaching, a lot of which have been contributed by Federal agencies.

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Top Online Universities

Get free money for school, Match scholarships to your profile, there are millions of scholarships amounting to billions of dollars and are all available, this is probably one of the best ways to get money for school!

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First School

If you are looking for a source of preschool resources that can be used for free for home schooling, child care providers, babysitters take a look at this website here as it offers lots of printable activities and more that can be used for children aged 2 to 6.

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Visual Math Learning

If you are struggling with your maths or you are looking for a website that you can use for your child to improve their maths, pop over to this site and you will find some free lessons.

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Jan And Brett

3,397 pages of great activities, coloring pages, and projects! If you're a teacher or librarian, there is a teacher's pack just for you! this site is huge and well worth a visit...

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School Express

By going to this website you will have access to over 15,000 worksheets on subjects like handwriting, mathematics, reading, science, social studies and loads more besides. All these are free as well as a selection of free storytime flash programs, games and more.

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Abcteach Free Printables

Dr. Seuss, theme units, basics, SHAPEBOOKS, Teaching Extras! Great for creative teachers and homeschoolers, 5000+ Printables.

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Free School Clip Art

Great clip art for your teachers and kids. It's totally FREE.

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Scholarships Fellowships

Provides the complete details of the Scholarships and Fellowships available in india and abroad, Scholarships and Fellowships In India, International Financial Aid.

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School Clip Art

Using clip art for your worksheets and lesson plans with quizzes to create fun assignments for homework, exams, puzzles, tests to motivate a student.

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Online Dictionary

Great online dictionary and thesaurus resource. All you have to do is type in your word and you will immediately find the definition.

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Online Degree World

The online Degree World provides information on the best websites for free adult education. From general educational issues, free courses, free lectures and webinars, GED resources, workplace education, language learning, free online books and tutorial sites, this website is your one stop spot to gain access to invaluable free education.

(Date Listed: Sun Apr 1 06:17:30 2007)

Scholarships 4 Dev

The Scholarships 4 Development website provides insight information on how to obtain a distance learning scholarship for free for students in developing countries. Distance learning allows students to receive an international education whilst continuing to reside in their country. The aim of the website is to ensure students in developing countries also receive a high standard, international education for free.

(Date Listed: Sun Apr 1 06:17:30 2007)

School Management System

The School Management System website aims to advocate for open textbook lessons and exams, by promoting an open source and free software in education. School Forge functions as a cause which brings people of all walks of life together for the advancement of education. The software is for free, which is what is built into schools and other educational facilities.

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Kids Know It

The Kids Know It Network is a free children's learning center. This is a great educational website that offers free educational games, free movies, free music and free online classes. The Kid Know It combines education with fun activities so that kids can experience both aspects of work and play!

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