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Microsoft Visual Basic Tutorials
The Visual Basic tutorials website offers you a plethora of tutorials on how to utilize Visual Basic. This website is designed to teach new users to quickly learn Visual Basic .NET as well as how to create your first Buttons. Microsoft Visual Basic tutorials also teach you how to handle variables as well as many other miscellaneous categories. The site also teaches you how to create multimedia and how to handle networking security in VBScript. These are topics are available on Visual Basic tutorial so that someone can learn Visual Basic easier as long as they can to understand and follow the tutorials. This is a great site for anyone who's new to Visual Basic or someone who has been the writing Visual Basic for some time. This website also offers a discussion forum to allow the newcomers as well as the seasoned Visual Basic programmers to share common ideas, goals and interest in the development.
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MSDN Visual Basic Developer Center
In the Visual Basic developer Center, one is able to access the Visual Studio 2008 Beta as well as the MSDN Magazine. This site features a library of Visual Basic commands as well as an area to learn Visual Basic. The website also offers downloading as well as a large support community proposed new as well as seasoned Visual Basic developers.
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Visual Basic Tutorial
This website offers over 25 lessons starting from the introduction, to building your first Visual Basic application including how to write the code, working with controls and variables to working with many files. This tutorial also shows you how to create multimedia applications, animations as well as creating a VBScript databases and using the ADO control. This is a great site for any beginner into the Visual Basic development community.
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