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Snaffle Up

If you are looking for a computer for free or perhaps you have an old one you dont need, check out this website here as you will find listings of computers and computer parts that people are giving away for free. If you want to give something away you simply register and add your item or items that you would like to give away.

(Date Listed: Thu Jun 12 17:26:58 2008)

Lenovo Netbook Discount

Register to receive a minimum 20 discount voucher to be used against the fantastic new Lenovo IdeaPad S10e Netbook. Each day, several lucky registrants will be selected to receive an even higher value discount voucher of 50, 100 or even a whopping 200!

(Date Listed: Thu Jun 12 17:26:58 2008)

Build Your Own Computer

If you are fed up with buying computers off the shelf, usually with cheap components inside of them which tend to fail sooner than expected, maybe it is time to build your own pc. By going to this website you will be able to do just that as they have a very detailed tutorial which will take you through the complete procedure step by step.

(Date Listed: Thu Jan 1 01:00:00 1970)

Learn 2 Type

Typing Test & FREE computer Typing lessons at Learn 2 Type - the leading FREE Web site that helps you master the skills of touch-typing!

(Date Listed: Thu Jan 1 01:00:00 1970)

Home & Learn

For free computer tutorials, visit Home & Learn, a beginners guide to mastering the computer. Aimed at beginners, the website features computer tutorials, courses and lessons on becoming acquainted with your PC. Some of the free programs include Visual Basic for Beginners, Microsoft Word Tutorials, Java for Beginners and much more!

(Date Listed: Thu Jun 12 17:26:58 2008)

Computer Tutorial

The Computer Power Supply Tutorial provides step by step computer hardware information for beginners on power supply. Learn how to install a power supply for your computer for free on this website.

(Date Listed: Thu Jun 12 17:26:58 2008)

Computer Scrapbook

Check out Computer Scrapbook for free digital scrapbooking supplies. All you have to do is to add to cart and checkout. There is no hitch involved, the stuff on this website is actually given for free!

(Date Listed: Thu Jun 12 17:26:58 2008)