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My C Plus

The website My C Plus was first formed with the idea of helping students master the programming language C. This is an ideal site for students looking for resources on C and C++ programming languages. Register with the website and receive the newsletter whenever there is news and updates on the website.

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The Ten Commandments For C Programmers

This page lists the Ten Commandments for C programmers. It is an annotated edition by Henry Spencer. These ten rules must be read, learnt by heart and defiantly followed by any C programmer. Thou shalt respect these rules, they are not meant to be broken.

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Ansi C Rationale

This document summarizes the discussions of X3J11 Technical Committee while forming a standard for the C programming language. This ANSI C Standard presented in this document explains the various lexical elements and semantics of the language. It includes a library for all the standard C functions and elaborates on the C environment.

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Infrequently Asked Questions In C

This article, which is posted yearly, attempts to answer all the basic questions you were too shy to ask in C language newsgroups, which are usually filled with advanced intellectual queries. This site is compiled by Peter Seebach in 1999. This FAQ site is a must read for novice programmers who are stuck with simple issues whose answers could be insanely obvious for the expert C language guru.

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Comp.Lang.C FAQ

This site contains a list of frequently asked questions on C programming language for the Usenet comp.lang.c newsgroups. It was compiled by Steve Summit in 2005. It also includes content from the book "C Programming FAQs Frequently Asked Questions" by Addison-Wesley. This site addresses common programming queries for C language programmers everywhere, and includes a glossary for C terminology.

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