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Click here now if you would like to donate as little as 2 to water aid, which is a non profit charity, This website will give you free detailed information on where and how your money is used, Also the money you give will be doubled by the government, make a difference now!!

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The Hunger Site

Simply click on the Hunger Site to end hunger and poverty now! Each time you click, a sponsor will donate free cups of food to starving people in the United States and Africa.

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The Princes Trust

The Princes Trust is a well known UK charity, it helps disadvantaged young people seek there potential, You can sign up to this charity for free and donate as little as you want, you can also seek help and talk to someone about any course you would like to go and do that could help you better yourself. click here now to find out more information, and see if you can gain anything from this great charity.

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Rainbow Trust

Rainbow Trust is a great charity to be involved in, it covers all of the UK and supports ill childrenkids no matter what the illness, they will give 247 care to all family's that are going through a hard time, click here now and sign up for giving time or even a small donation!

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Charity Cars

Charity Cars was established in 1996, with the aim of providing struggling families with an ownership of a free vehicle in America. Cars are donated to Charity Cars and a public forum is available where individuals can engage in public discussion to ensure that through a fair process a family obtains a free vehicle.

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Dezine Hub

Create a flash design website for your charity for free with Dezine Hub. Specializing in both traditional and modern design methods, the company uses state of the art technology to produce fabulous and elegant charity websites.

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Click To Donate

By visiting this website you can help to raise funds for a lot of non profit charity organisations that will help people all over the world. All you have to do is simply click on any of the charities listed which will then help towards raising funds for the charity as the sponsors will then make a donation to them. Start helping people today and start clicking.

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Promote Your Charity

If you are looking to promote your charity organisation on the internet reaching a much wider audience then take a look at the charity appeals website. On this site you can advertise your charity for free by simply submitting your details to them.

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