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Five Wheel Drive, A great freebie information site all about the automobile, cars and motorbikes are covered including those not in production any more! Lists of manufacturers and their rise and fall as the case may be, also the BSA bantam (a favorite of mine) is displayed in all its glory, give the site a visit.

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Play Motorbike Games

Enjoy free motorbike games on Play Motorbike Games! The website features an extensive collection of dirt bike games, ATV games, freestyle motorcross games and other 2D vehicle games. Check out the latest motorbike games selection which include Werewolf Rider, Coal Mine ATV, Street Biker, Freezing Rider and much more!

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Motor Bike Safety Stickers

Ride a motorbike or Drive a car. Get these free thinkbike stickers for your car. Keep the riders safe and give them space. Magazines also available on the site for cars and motorbikes. Watch the blind spot.

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Keys 2 Drive

Keys 2 Drive is a government program funded by Australia which offers a free driving lesson with an accredited driving instructor. The lesson is provided free for driver learners and their supervisors. If you are looking to obtain your driving license, check out Keys 2 Drive and get onto the road for a driving lesson - absolutely free!

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Driver Defence Service

The Driver Defence Service offers clients free legal advice on motoring laws. When it comes to any aspect of road law, the website has specialist road traffic lawyers that are willing to offer legal advice for free. All you need to do is to simply ask your question, and one of the specialist lawyers will take the responsibility to provide you with an answer within 24 hours. No catches, no hidden gimmicks and no charges - it's all free!

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Breakdown Advice

If you follow the free advice which is given to you on the AA website then you are less likely to have to call a breakdown service. So possibly save yourself some money and inconvenience by making a note of the Ten Vital Checks which are on this site, which when carried out before you go on on any lengthy journeys will help you to avoid breakdowns.

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Vehicle Manager Online

VehicleManagerOnline is a completely free On-line Vehicle Management System. The tool enables you to store your fuel usage, service history usage and can even plan your next service event.There are also summary reports with graphs.You are also not restricted to one vehicle.This is a great tool. The data is stored online so you can access the information where ever or when ever you require.

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Auto Repair Manuals

10W40 has a searchable database of free auto repair manuals, as well as car maintenance help sections and projects for mechanics. Including advice and car part guides.

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Cars 4 Christmas

A US non-profit organization offering Free transportation and cars to disadvantaged people in their communities.

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