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Linux Perl Part 2 - Writing A Real Program

This article is the second in the series of articles on Perl. It is written by Guido Socher. The tutorial assumes basic knowledge of any procedural programming language. After the general overview provided in first part, this article instructs how to write the first useful Perl program. It also introduces syntax for conditional statements, variables, subroutines and hash tables.

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Practical Perl Programming

This site includes the Practical Perl Programming guide written by A. D. Marshall. This is a comprehensive guide for learning Perl, and includes all the Perl syntax and semantics. It discusses Perl functions, modules, objects and Perl debugging. It addresses Perl networking, CGI Programming and using Perl with web servers. It cites several Perl Examples and CGI Scripts and even includes a quick guide to HTML.

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Picking Up Perl

This site includes a freely redistributable Picking Up Perl book for new Perl programmers. It was authored by Bradley M. Kuhn in 2001. The book covers the basic data and control structures of Perl, as well as the philosophies behind Perl programming. The native search patterns used in Perl, called regular expressions, are also introduced and discussed. The book cites several fun examples for all the new concepts introduced.

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Web Client Programming With Perl

This book on Web Client Programming with Perl is authored by Clinton Wong in 1997 and is a guide for automating tasks on the web. The prerequisite of the book includes an understanding of clientserver network applications and TCPIP, internet operations, and Perl language. The book describes how the Web works and how to write software that is more flexible, dynamic, and powerful than the typical web browser.

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Reference Guide And Perl Pocket Reference

The books Perl Reference Guide and Perl Pocket Reference are authored by Johan Vromans in 2002. The Guide is a typeset Perl quick reference guide containing concise description of all Perl statements, functions, variables and available for download. The Perl Pocket Reference is a booklet provides a complete overview of the Perl with a summary of Perl syntax rules, operators, functions, and standard library modules.

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Cpan (Perl Modules)

This site contains the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. It is a repository for all things related to Perl. It includes information on Perl modules, scripts, binary distributions and source code. It lists the CPAN sites, and includes Perl and CPAN documentation available. It also includes Frequently Asked Questions for CPAN and Perl.

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Infrequently Asked Questions About Perl

This article presents answers to the most infrequently asked questions about Perl. It is compiled by Ilya Zakharevich in 1999. The list of questions and their answers in maintained as HTML, Plain text or POD. These questions are a must read for novice programmers who are looking for answers to most simple or most absurd queries.

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Perls Frequently Asked Questions

This site answers Perl's most common Frequently Asked Questions. The site includes FAQ on data manipulation, files, formats and general Perl language issues. It answers queries on general Perl syntax, networking, programmer tools and support. It instructs where to find source and documentation for Perl. It gives information on system interaction, inter process communication (IPC) and user interface issues.

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