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Introduction To Postscript

This site is a tutorial introduction to the PostScript Programming Language. It has been authored by Gregor Koomey and is targeted specifically for the Macintosh environment. It provides the background and structure of the PS language. The article delves into the practical intricacies of the language using ample examples to be practiced on an emulator. It also includes an extensive list of reference books, software and glossary.

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Postscript Tutorial And Reference

This site offers a publication for PostScript Programming Language in a downloadable PS format. It has been compiled by Ian Utting in 1992. It provides a comprehensive Postscript tutorial and reference guide for novice and expert Page Description Language programmers. It includes the necessary standard PostScript language particulars required to perform printer interface operations.

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Training And Books

Postscript training and books is what you will find at Inkguides for learning the PostScript Programming Language. They provide downloadable books which are extensive manuals on developing PS programming techniques and are filled with stimulating exercises and answers. The books include all the fundamental language elements and are an important resource for learning the PostScript tool kit.

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A First Guide To Post Script

This site is an online tutorial for the PostScript page description language from Adobe. It has been authored by Peter Weingartner in 2006. It can be used as an introduction to PostScript programming assuming basic knowledge of programming techniques. This beginner manual includes abundant examples and an index of operators for accessibility. It also addresses frequently asked questions on PostScript language.

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Postscript Language Tutorial

This PDF offers several resourceful handy tips on achieving remarkable PostScript text and graphic results. The tips are available in downloadable PDF format. The documents include the required PostScript language statements for achieving outcomes such as mirror image creation, formatting text and alphabets, encapsulated PostScript and printer tricks. This document is a must read for achieving quick and artistic PostScript effects.

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Post Script Answers To Questions (Site Down)

This site offers a comprehensive frequently asked questions repository on PostScript language. The guide includes answers to common issues using printers and graphics. Queries on format conversions and programming specific difficulties are also handled. The FAQ list also includes questions on encapsulated PostScript and PostScript 2.

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Postscript Language Specifications

This site offers a definitive compilation of the Adobe PostScript language specifications. The page includes links to downloadable PostScript language reference and printer specification documents. It also includes Open Prepress Interface (OPI) Specification document. PostScript Language Reference has been published by Addison-Wesley and is an exhaustive reference document for language semantics, graphics and imaging model. This is the original source for learning PostScript programming.

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