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Beginner Tutorial

This tutorial provides a fun approach to learning Html. It has been authored by Joe Barta and is meant specifically for the Html newbie. It explains the basic Html syntax and formatting tools for creating a simple web page. It also addresses topics such as html headers, forms and tables. The tutorial includes the essential image manipulation and link creation for developing effortless Html web pages.

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Weird Tags

This webpage discusses two weird tags created by Netscape and MSIE. These are proprietary tags and can be used to create interesting special effects on the browser. The tags can be used for either of the two Html browsers. The site includes the tags MULTICOL and MARQUEE and provides their usage details and examples.

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Tables Tutorial

This tutorial provides all you need to know about tables in Html. It includes the syntax required for creating simple tables using table row and data elements. It provides a complete reference for table related markup semantics. It also includes text for manipulating table borders, colors and images.

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Html Tutorial

This tutorial is a comprehensive guide to learning Html for web development. It offers a complete and exhaustive reference of the language. It includes all the fundamentals of the language and covers the advanced topics in detail. It offers over 100 examples for learning and an online HTML editor for practice. The manual also includes quiz test questions and quick reference pages.

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Creating A Client-Side Image Map

This site introduces the special technique for creating a client-side image map. It is written by Kaspar Stromme in 2007. The tutorial can be used to trigger Html events from defined areas on the images known as hot spots. It also discusses the two types of image maps, server side and client side. It shares links to popular image map sites and includes a FAQ page.

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Html Frames

This tutorial includes five easy to learn lessons on Netscape Frame. It is specifically targeted for generating Html frames for Netscape browser and is filled with diagrams and examples. It has been written by Charlton Rose (Sharky) in 1995. It discusses basic frames principles, and configuring content across windows. It offers a quick tag reference and discusses a few advanced topics. It also includes a FAQ page.

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