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Forex Programming

Get a free project quote from this site for any kind of programming project that you require related to the foreign exchange market. Simply fill out the online form and submit your inquiry.

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Internet Protocols

At the CodeGuru website which is a great resource for programmers and developers you will find a selection of very useful articles on Internet protocols. They also offer a variety of free newsletters on different topics including web development daily, hardware daily, networking daily and others.

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Free Samba Ebook

If you are using Samba you may want to visit this site as it is offering a free ebook which you can download. Samba uses the Server Message Block protocol and by reading this ebook you can learn how to communicate with windows servers that use the same protocol.

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Useful Protocol Tools

By visiting this website here you will have access to a lot of very useful applications such as MSNProtocol Analyzer which is a freeware application that can be used to monitor MSN Protocol.

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Protocols And The Internet

This site was written to deal with the various protocols that create the Internet. It was sent to the InterNIC in August of 1994, and it was placed on the group's Gopher site. This site gives an overview of TCP IP and places an emphasis on its history and terminology.

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