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The Java Virtual Machine Specification

This site offers an online reference for Java Virtual Machine specification. It also provides a downloadable version of the guide. It has been compiled by Sun's designers Tim Lindholm and Frank Yellin in 1999 for Java and Java 2 platforms. It includes a comprehensive reference for the the virtual machine and programming language concepts. It includes numerous practical examples and JVM's powerful verification techniques.

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The Java Language Specification

This site offers several online editions of the book Java Language Specification along with downloadable versions. It has been authored by the inventors of Java technology James Gosling, Bill Joy, Guy L. Steele Jr. and Gilad Bracha in 2005. It is the ultimate technical reference for the Java programming language with complete and accurate coverage of latest features and commands.

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Advanced Programming For The Java 2 Platform

This is an online version for the book Advanced Programming for the Java 2 Platform. It was compiled by Calvin Austin and Monica Pawlan in 1999. The manual is targeted specifically for advanced and experienced Java platform developers. The book provides details on various phases of designing and building Java solutions with emphasis on a mock application building exercise. It is best suited for high-level application programmers.

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Essentials Of The Java Programming Language Part 1

This is the first part of the tutorial on Essentials of the Java Programming Language and is available in a downloadable format. The tutorial is authored by Monica Pawlan in 1999. The target audience includes beginners for Java language with basic knowledge of any other language. The manual demonstrates usage of Java 2 Platform software for developing Java applications, applets and servlets.

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