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Another Linux VPN Masquerade
In this article, the author, John Hardin, explains how and why a VPN Masquerade is used in a Linux kernel. He lists the software requirements, versions of Linux that comes with the patch, download sites for different versions, information about VPN for RedHat and Mandrake series kernels and Bugfix for all 2.2.x series kernel patches. Then he goes on to explain how to configure VPN Masquerade and shares some interesting notes about it.
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Workings Of A Virtual Private Network Part 1
In this article the author, David Morgan, explains what Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are and how they work. In the first part he define VPNs and describe the technologies used with it. In the second part he shows log and screen output depicting the results when you constructs the VPN. He describes Public-key cryptography, secret-key cryptography, SSH Authentication, SSH Encryption and how to blend all these together.
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Linux Vpn Masquerade Howto
The author John D. Hardin describes VPN, IPsec, PPTP and FWZ. He further delves in to the need for masquerading a VPN client, problems associated with sharing IPsec among multiple users, how to make the remote network accessible by the entire local network, reasons behind masquerading the VPN server and need for Linux kernel patch. In the next part he explains how a Linux firewall is configured in detail. He concludes by providing steps in configuring the VPN client, trouble shooting tips, technical notes and special security considerations.
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Vpn White Papers
This article provides white papers from individual companies on VPN technologies. They cover topics like IPsec overview, Voice and Video Enabled IPSec VPN Solution Overview, Comparison of MPLS and SSL Architectures, Conformance and Performance Testing, Policy-based Networking, Privacy Protected Network Access, Virtual Private Networking and Intranet Security, Secure NCP Bypass Solutions Over Satellite And Terrestrial Networks, Migration Of Legacy Systems & Applications to Broadband IP VPN Infrastructure, Secure Remote Access with IPsec VPNs, The Evolution of Mobile VPN and its Implications for Security, Secure Remote Working and SSL VPN Advantages.
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Vpn Protocols And Standards
The article describes VPN Protocols, RFCs and Internet Drafts. With the help of very easy to understand tables it goes on to explain protocol listings like General IPsec, ESP and AH Headers, Key Exchange, Cryptographic Algorithms, IPsec policy handling, IPsec policy handling, SSL and TLS, General MPLS, MPLS constrained by BGP routing, Transport of layer 2 frames over MPLS and Virtual Routers.
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Vpnc (Virtual Private Network Consortium)
The article describes working of Virtual Private Network Consortium (VPNC) and their purpose. It explains their activities like VPNC interoperability testing, newsletter service, VPNC mailing list and VPN standard including the Internet Drafts and RFCs for VPN technologies. The author describes the different types of mailing lists they provide also.
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The author explains the concept of VPN, how it works, SSH, PPP and alternative VPN systems. In the next part on server he explains how to give or deny access to people and about networking. Next, on client side, explanation for kernel, LRP and scripting are given. In the third part he explains how to set up your VPN for both the server side and client side. He concludes the article by listing the possible problems, which you may face during the implementation.
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VPN Virtual Private Network
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