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Tcp Ip

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TCP Client - Server
On the Oflameron website you will find a selection of free tutorials including Programming Client and Server with TCP on Visual Basic. These tutorials are very easy to follow and are complete with screenshots making it even easier.
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TCP Basics
This site was designed to give users a fundamental understanding of Tcp. It was published by Selena Sol in 1999, and it covers important aspects of TCPIP. This article also goes over the elements which comprise Tcp, such as the IP protocol and how TCP is responsible for the transfer of data between programs. This site also covers basic development of web applications.
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Tcp Ip For Idiots
This tutorial gives the essential basics of TCPIP networking along with details of various TCP admin commands and TCPIP information files. It was presented by Fred Mallett at InterWorks '96 at San Diego, CA. The tutorial also covers various commands for Internet services and error messages encountered. It also includes pop quiz questions and explains a few trouble shooting commands and techniques.
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Routing Tutorial
This is a tutorial which is designed to show users how to set up a basic WAN, or Wide Area Network. It also gives instructions for setting up a LAN via a WANPIPE router, or other types of routers. The platforms for which this tutorial can be used include Linux, Windows NT, and Windows 95. Examples and visual images are used to show the user step by step how to set up the network.
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TCP, Stands for (Transmission Control Protocol)
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T'C'P I'P Protocols ---------------------------- This tutorial explains the TCPIP suite of protocols defined over the application, transport and network layers used for inter-device communication. It also gives a brief overview of the next generation Internet Protocol (IP Version 6, IPv6 or IPng) which increases the maximum number of Internet addresses in order to meet the growing user requirements. The article also details the packet header contents for effective packet tracing.
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