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The Freebsd HandbookS Ppp Section
This site contains the chapter on PPP and SLIP from the FreeBSD Handbook. The document assumes that the reader has an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and can be connected to use PPP. The chapter talks about automatic PPP configuration, permissions and staticdynamic IP addresses. It details PPP shells and setting up ppp.conf for staticdynamic IP users. After PPP configuration, it discusses final system configuration.
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Comp.Protocols.Ppp Frequently Wanted Information
This site contains the comp.protocols.ppp frequently wanted information compiled by Ignatios Souvatzis. The document contains information about Internet Point-to-Point Protocol and bibliography. It includes a list of public-domain commercial software and hardware implementations. It includes a section on configuration hints and few frequently asked questions. It is targeted for readers interested in connecting to Internet via serial lines and wanting to post to comp.protocols.ppp.
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Yo Linux Tutorial - Using PPP
This site contains Linux tutorial for using PPP, written by Greg Ippolito. It contains general PPP information, command line PPP and manual configuration for Linux distribution. It includes instructions on using the Linuxconf configuration tool for Red Hat distributions. It instructs how to use the Gnome control panel configuration tool, WVDIAL and Redhat Dialup configuration tool. It also includes GUI dial program X-isp, common pitfalls and troubleshooting.
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How To Hook Up PPP In Linux
This article provides the steps to be taken to hook up PPP in Linux. It was written by W.G. Unruh. It includes the procedure to allow setup and understand ISP help to establish a PPP link to an Internet Service Provider. It also instructs how to find what the ISP wants, independent of what the ISP declares he wants. It includes a list of PPP options and sample scripts.
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Abbreviation for Point to Point Protocol. It is a protocol used for sending information via a modem which is connected to the Internet.
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