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Pure Mac Ftp

At the Pure Mac website you will find a selection of ftp client and server programs for the Mac computer which are all free to use.

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Ftp Client

If you are looking for a useful ftp client that is free then look no further as this website is offering exactly that. You can use their software for personal, educational and non-commercial use for no cost at all.

(Date Listed: Sat Apr 14 01:20:11 2007)

Description Of Thr File Transfer Protocol

This internet publication is an in-depth guide for File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Formulated by D. J. Bernstein, the guide includes the FTP command semantics required for communication between the client and server. It introduces the concept of greetings, requests and responses, and lists the assortment of verbs used for transmission. The tutorial also includes browser behavior and indexing client operation.

(Date Listed: Sat Apr 14 01:20:11 2007)

Rfc 959 (Rfc959)

This memo is the official specification document of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).It was compiled by J. Postel and J. Reynolds in 1985. The manuscript is a detailed explanation of the RFC 959 protocol and includes the history and terminology used for FTP. It explains in detail several FTP commands along with FTP modes, data transfer functions, data types and their representation.

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