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Geo-Enabling The Domain Name System
This article presents information on geo-enabling the Domain Name System (DNS LOC). It is written by Christopher Davis in 2001. The article explains the need of the DNS LOC (location) resource record and includes a LOC to Maps demotest application. It lists the sites supporting DNS LOC, and presents how to publish location data. It incorporates information on finding the latitude and longitude, and using DNS LOC in programs.
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Securing Your Name Server
This presentation-style tutorial instructs how to secure the name server, written by Cricket Liu in 1998. It includes instructions on how to run a new version of the name server and restrict zone transfers. Its shows how to restrict dynamic updates and how to protect against spoofing. It presents example configurations and a list of relevant newsgroups and mailing lists.
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Take The Magic Out Of Mapping
This site is a basic guide for learning how DNS works. It is written by Al Berg. It instructs how the Domain Naming Service maps user-friendly Internet addresses to computer-friendly numeric addresses. It aims to teach the reader how to administer an Internet-connected network. It takes a quick look at the structure of Internet host name and how it is mapped to network specific IP address.
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DNS Oversimplified
The site contains an oversimplified guide to understanding DNS and setting it up for the first time. Its goal is to assist proper setup of DNS and tackle the common errors. It is written by R. Scott Perry in 2006. The article explains in detail and an easy to understand manner the steps to be taken to setup DNS such as WHOIS, Name Servers, Records and CNAME.
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This site contains a DNS how-to guide for learning the basic steps for setting up DNS. It was written by Nicolai Langfeldt, Jamie Norrish and others in 2001. It describes how to set up a simple DNS name server, starting with a caching only server and going on to setting up a primary DNS server for a domain. It also includes a FAQ section and other DNS references.
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SITE appears CLOSED - Domain Name Service ------------------------------------------------------------- This article written by Peter Burden explains the basics of Domain Name Service. It discusses the DNS name structure, DNS servers and their databases. It lists the message formats for communication between servers and the user interfaces for UNIX systems. The article also discusses alternative DNS hierarchies such as Alternic DNS service.
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An Introduction To Dns And Dns Tools
This article is an introduction to DNS and DNS tools. It is written by Neil Anuskiewicz in 2001. The article explains the basic definition and need of DNS. It introduces the concepts of DNS and explains in detail three DNS commands. These three commands are used to examine DNS information and they are host, dig (domain information groper) and nslookup.
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What Is DNS?
This site contains a basic introduction of DNS and presents links to several articles and references on DNS. The article is meant for readers who want to understand the concept of DNS without going through RFC 1034. It talks about domains, domain names and different kinds of information stored in the DNS.
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DNS Resources Directory
This site includes a DNS resources directory for readers who need more links on DNS.It includes links to several DNS resources available online for learning DNS and its advanced concepts. The site also includes news snippets on DNS versions and releases.
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DNS is short for Domain Name System (or Service or Server), an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses.
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