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Linux USB Interoperability Guidelines
This article describes the steps in testing interoperability between USB devices and hubs. It explains the requirements of performing testing, kinds of devices for which this can be done and features associated with USB. It also provides tables containing system requirements for the testing, software requirements and optional devices, which can be used in testing and possible side effects. The author defines the term interoperability circumstances under which it is to be done and people who need to do it. The tests detailed include end user testing, device operability, non-hub device testing, non-hub device interoperability, hub device tests, hub interoperability and disk image utilities.
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The Linux Usb Sub-System
This document explains how to use the USB sub-system under Linux. It starts off by explaining the history behind the development of USB and graphical representation of its features. In the next step you will learn to use USB devices like camera, scanner etc. under Linux. Finally we move on to Linux USB and learn how to configure additional keys on USB keyboard.
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Programming Guide For Linux Usb Device Drivers
This document explains USB subsystem and associated API for USB device drivers. The author starts by explaining host controllers, the transfer characteristics of USB devices, device descriptors and enumeration and USB device drivers. Further down in to the article he gives a very detailed explanation of Device driver framework in USB, how to configure USB devices and data transfers in USB. Mr Detlef Fliegl concludes the article with a documentation of possible error codes and their explanation.
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Linux Usb Faq
This is a very easy to understand and useful FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Linux USB. The author, Alan Stern, divided the FAQ in to four parts Getting Started, Information, Troubleshooting and specific hardware problems and question and answers are given in the appropriate category. The answers are precise to the point and brief in most places and explained in detail when necessary.
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USB Protocol Analysers
This article provides a comparison study of available USB Protocol Analyzers currently in market. USB Protocol Analyzers are used to monitor what is going on between your computer and the host computer. Features of listed products are compared based on a wide range of features like speed, power source, interface, dimensions, price and whether they require connection to a logic Analyzer.
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