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Useful Sites
Photoshop Tutorial
does what it says on the tin, good tutorial site for photo shop!
(Listed On Fri Jul 27 00:29:31 2007)

Free Serif Software
Serif develops and publishes the award-winning software range which includes PagePlus, PhotoPlus, DrawPlus, WebPlus. Founded in 1987 with the aim to develop better value alternatives to high-end design and publishing packages, Serif has been repeatedly praised for its powerful yet easy-to-use software which enables ordinary PC users to achieve professional-quality results whatever your level of experience.
(Voting: 5.00 From 5 On 1 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Fri Jul 27 00:29:31 2007)
Cc Search
The Creative Commons Search engine finds different kinds of content on the internet. This content has been published according to Creative Common license which allows it to modify the work or reuse it. The people can share and build the work continuously with the rules of copyright easily as Creative common is a non profit company. It provides free licenses so that it becomes easy for a creator to work. It can be used commercially, and to share or remix.
(Voting: 5.00 From 5 On 1 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 1970)
Free Website Headers
Premium quality and unique collection of Free Website Headers and Free Flash Headers, all for FREE for personal websites and business websites.
(Voting: 5.00 From 5 On 1 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Fri Jul 27 00:29:31 2007)
PDPhoto is a storehouse of different types of photos. It can be used by everyone freely as it is not protected by copyright. The photos can be used for school projects, commercial purposes, articles and other websites. The photos are available to everyone who needs them. This site has various categories of photographs. More than 2,000 photographs are included in most of the categories. The administrator, photographer, creator, programmer and owner of this site is Jon Sullivan.
(Voting: 5.00 From 5 On 1 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 1970)
It is a place where the members can share their photos and videos online. It is one of the popular social media communities. The mobile phones help in accessing Buzznet in different ways. The members are allowed to upload pictures from their cell phones and post the photos to their blogs. The members can also update their account through mobile phones the gallery, friends listing and community gallery are also provided to the users.
(Voting: 4.33 From 5 On 3 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 1970)
Avatarsdb - Free Avatars
Avatars Database is one of the largest and well organized databases of free avatars to be used in blogs, forums, and websites. There is no need to find an image host as this database hosts the free avatars. It becomes easy for you to get the free avatars. Firstly, select the desired avatar. A code will be generated, copy it and paste it on the forum, website or blog of your choice. Finally, save it so that you can use it with messengers. We have 564 categories available for download. These categories include 36906 avatars.
(Voting: 3.67 From 5 On 3 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Sat Sep 23 17:18:51 2006)
Free Media Goo consists of a collection of free audio, images, Flash and textures. These are used for both commercial as well as non-commercial purposes as they are absolutely free. It is not necessary to credit the images. There are some categories by which the images are sorted. The categories include aviation, beach, finance, foods, buildings, digital factory, sports and many others. In the category of digital factory, overwhelming and real digital images are found. You can use infinite number of images as they are free.
(Voting: 2.50 From 5 On 2 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Thu Oct 27 16:57:35 2011)
Graphics And Clipart
The graphics and clipart are offered to myspace and many users of the blog. Myspace includes myspace layouts, myspace icons and myspace graphics. The graphics include many categories such as arrows, buttons, interfaces, fonts, wallpapers and photos. Clipart are used for both commercial and non commercial purposes. It includes flags, animals, music, sport, people, bullets, arrows, vehicles, cartoons and much more.
(Voting: 0.00 From 5 On 0 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Thu Oct 27 16:57:35 2011)
Tofz Dot Org
Tofz dot org is the collection of a photographer which constitutes an urban life. The person behind this site is Jeremie Zimmerman. He sorts the photographs by the categories and the location. He shares some of the photos, especially his favorite photos. To see the selected photo, you can click on *coma* or you can find it through a keyword.
(Voting: 0.00 From 5 On 0 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Thu Oct 27 16:57:35 2011)
It is one of the free encyclopedias available online. It is available in ten languages. The images or the photos could be provided along with the required data. Some of them are public domain that is they can be used by everyone and can be reused. You can also find the copyright rules of an image. This can be done by simply clicking on the desired image and read its details which include the copyright rules.
(Voting: 0.00 From 5 On 0 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 1970)
Free Wordpress Blog Headers
Premium collections of WordPress headers, free website headers and blog headers.
(Voting: 0.00 From 5 On 0 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Fri Jul 27 00:29:31 2007)
Freebyte Guide
Freebyte Guide offers a variety of free graphic programs such as Ultimate Paint, ArtRage, Artweaver, Pixia, Photo Filtre to name a few. The guide is extensive and covers a range of topics like desktop publishing, background creation programs, image optimizers, image viewers, image converters and related links and resources.
(Voting: 0.00 From 5 On 0 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Fri Jul 27 00:29:31 2007)
Free Graphics
This very useful resource provides links to a lot of sites that are giving away free clipart, photos, templates and more.
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Gimp Savvy***SITE DOWN***Gimp-Savvy contains the collection of more than 27,000 free images and photos. There are three sources from where you get the images namely National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). The photos can be used by anyone as they are free of copyright. But one has to be aware because of some of the applied restrictions.
(Listed On Thu Oct 27 16:57:35 2011)
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