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It is an acronym for World Of Photography. It is an online community where members can share their photos. It has got a large collection of around 23,000 photos and it represents 4300 cities from all over the world. Photos have been categorized in to different groups, which include objects, humans, animals, culture and landmarks. Search results can be filtered out by sorting the number of views and by date.
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It is an online service that provides you free photo collection. This is a free facility from where you can download any image or texture from the site and then use it as per given conditions. There is a drop down menu provided at the top for surfing images also you can use another option search. Thumbnail pages gives you information about size of the image, file size etc. Also you are provided with the option to select the number of images to be displayed on each page and by clicking the magnifying glass option you can enlarge the thumbnails.
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Holy Land Photos
As the name suggests this gives you photos linked to holy places and contains over 2400 photos. In it photos has been grouped into three categories people, region (Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, Israel, Turkey and Greece) and daily life and artifacts. You can use search tool or can browse for searching pictures. Its home page also provides you the link to view the latest images. It links to a Whats New page where it demonstrates title, thumbnails and related keywords. Also time frame can be selected to show when new photos were added for example in 1 week, 2 weeks and so on.
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Its framework implementation is done by Michael Jastremski. It is a reserved photo community and is secured. It was basically designed to facilitate photographers to share their photos. Also it is protected by Creative Commons licensing where photo thumbnails can be viewed by authorized personals.
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Deshow Net is a free photo gallery that allows users to acess a variety of free pictures. Check out the breathtaking and spectacular scenery photos, global cultural attractions, flowers, oil paintings, sports, animals, people, transport and so much more!
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Free Digital Photos
On the Free Digital Photos website you can gain access to lots of totally free photographs which can be used for personal and for corporate use as they are royalty free photographs. Any that are needed in a high quality for printing purposes or for graphic design can be purchased at a reasonable price.
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Aarin Free Photo And Digital Images
This site offers you to download images for your own or business use. It contains over 950 free photos. It doesnt allow you to sell images with or without any alteration. You need to show the copyright information as per the website norms and regulations as long as you want to use the images. For example if you want to use the images for your website you can use them but you may not sell them.
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USDA Ars Image Gallery
USDA stands for United States Agricultures and ARS is short term for Agricultural Research Service. Usda Ars image gallery consists over 2,000 high resolution flattering digital photographs associated with agriculture. Images up to 72 dpi are offered for downloading purposes and are available in three sizes. Also high quality pictures up to 300 dpi are available from each sub title for downloading.
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Ian Britton an English photographer created it. The user can download images for his use. Its easy to navigate on this site and provides free downloading. It is a good source for high resolution pictorial images but unlike other sites usage of downloaded images is restricted under certain norms.
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Big Foto
****SITE DOWN****It can be referred to as a warehouse of photos which are classified by classes and sub classes. The main classes are Pacific, Europe, Asia, America, Themes and miscellaneous. Sub class gives a concise explanation about the class. A page is opened after choosing a class which provides explanation of the class and its sub classes. In some of the sub-classes pages information and instructions associated to photography are given.
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