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Live Pencil

Check out Live Pencil, if you are looking for free emoticons. Live Pencil features hundreds of graphics absolutely free! The website contains animated emoticons, email animations, website animations, animated photos, desktop animations an much more!

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Free Smileys

If it is free smileys that you want then go to the Free Smileys website and that is exactly what you will find. They have thousands of animated emoticons and smiley faces that you can browse through and download at your leisure. All of the emoticons are downloadable as gifs so can be easily used on forums, social networking sites and messenger programs.

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Emotions & Graphics

Visit this website and you will have access to a ton of free emotions, graphics, glitters and styles.

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Msn Emoticons

If you are a user of msn like myself then you may find this site very useful as it offers thousands of emoticons, smilies and skins for your msn messenger and all for free.

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Free Emoticons

If you are searching for free emoticons then take a look at this site here as they have thousands of free emoticons and smileys for you to browse through.

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Animated Emoticons

Visit this site now if you want to see a whole load of animated emoticons, wallpapers, clipart and more. Everything on the site is free for personal use so you can browse at your leisure knowing you will not have to pay for any animated emoticons.

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