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Useful Sites
Department Of Education
In the US any child of school age who has a disability, either a physical or mental impairment, is entitled by law (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), to a free appropiate public education. Visit the official site of the U.S Department of Education here to find more information.
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Editor Recommendations
Khan Academy
Need extra help with certain subjects If yes then this free tutorial and advice website will help you with anything you are struggling with, its not just for students as teachers and parents can use this too. Start learning now for free!
(Listed On Thu May 17 06:13:10 2007)

Free Revision Quizzes
As a student or undergraduate, sometimes you may find yourself in need of just a little bit of extra help when it comes to your studies and that is where this totally free website can come in handy. Stop by and check out this website for free quizzes, revisions and even some tutoring help to ensure that you can make it all the way through the semester to graduate.
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Fonts For Education
Helping those younger students to read and write properly means having the right fonts that you are in need of to lead by example. Stop by and check out this website where you can get the proper fonts that have been specially designed with students in mind. You will be glad that you did because it is all here like lettering for beginners just learning to write or even more advanced fonts like teaching students how to write in cursive the proper way and the best part is that all the educational fonts available on this website are completely free.
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Free Resources
When it comes to teaching students and undergraduates with special needs, you need as much help as you can possibly get in order to make sure that special needs are covered and students get the best education possible. This is why it is so important that you make your way over to this totally free resources website where you will be able to get all the resources you need to ensure your special needs students get the proper education that they deserve at student free stuff.
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Article Checker
Before you turn in that essay, make sure that you did not plagiarize it in any way because we all know that will mean an F for your grade. If you are a teacher, you too can make use of this great article checking tool to ensure that your students are not just copy and pasting their essays and turning it in for their homework assignments at academic level. Best of all is that this website and the use of its article checker is absolutely free and you cannot beat something that is free.
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This part of the site is here to help students and undergraduates with their work in some cases to academic level and to possibly help towards graduation and or list events free student stuff etc. in their area, be sure to check back for any updates.
(Listed On Thu Feb 10 16:38:47 2011)
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