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Useful Sites


ERIC, Education Resources Information Center is one of the largest databases of education literature going back as far as 1966.

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ESL Teacher Resources

If you are an ESL teacher or educator then this site could be very useful to you as they have a collection of valuable resources which can be used in the classroom including lesson plans, teacher articles, handouts and quizzes and more. All of these resources are free to download and use so make your way to their site now and see what materials you can make use of in your teaching.

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Teaching Expertise

This a great site for teaching professionals where you will find a massive library of education articles all written by professionals and teaching resources.

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Education Articles

If you want to read some free education articles then take a look at this website here as they have a selection of them to read through. You can even add your own education article if you register with the website.

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Free Education Articles

Access My Library offers free access to over 30 million articles including articles on education, government and politics, medicine and health and much more besides.

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Free Article Directory

This is a free article directory relating to many subjects, although heavily laden with advertising but there are plenty of good articles that could be used, so you will need to keep scrolling down (please also remember about duplicate content on your site and most search engines do not like this). Topics covered are Relationships, Money Matters, Global Warming, Womens Issues, Sports & Outdoors, Healthier Living, Internet & Technology, Entertainment, Humor, and much more.

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