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Kabbalah Course

The Ashlag Research Institute is now accepting enrollments for the spring semester fundamentals course of Kabbalah. Class held each Wednesday and a technical class held each Sunday. Classes begin at 800P.M. EST and run approximately 1.5 hours.

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Open Learning

This free website is great for education and learning, It offers free courses, including the open university live videos,where you can watch, listen, debate and discover more about your passions. With so many free courses on offer, just pick one a take a different step now!

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Alison offers free online training courses. The site is a free online learning resource center for individual learners. Check out the featured trainings and courses on Psychology, Legal Studies, Project Management, Health Studies, Human Resources and much more!

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Online Education Training

If you are searching for a website where you can find free education training for computer software and Microsoft office applications then go to the Education Online for Computers website where you will find just that. They have searched the internet for the best free training resources and made them available to you on their website.

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Negotiation Training (Articles)

Training and consultancy specialising in sales and procurement negotiation skills courses, These Negotiation Articles are drawn from their newsletters and other valueable negotiation resources. Documents are viewable in web page or Adobe PDF format. You are welcome to republish or quote from any article..

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Free Online Course

Home-based learning made easy and FREE! Choose from several online courses from Architecture, Biology, History, and Aeronautics, among others. This site is best for teachers, students and everyone who just love to learn and increase their knowledge bank. This website is open to the world!

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Microsoft In Education

Free teacher training from Mircosoft. Loads of free resources and educational ideas as well as huge discounts on software and hardware for schools and students.

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