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Gnu Operating System
Software freedom plays a fundamental role in education. Educational institutions of all levels should use and teach Free Software because it is the only software that allows them to accomplish their essential missions to disseminate human knowledge and to prepare students to be good members of their community. The source code and the methods of Free Software are part of human knowledge. On the contrary, proprietary software is secret, restricted knowledge, which is the opposite of the mission of educational institutions. Free Software supports education, proprietary software forbids education. Click here now to find out more!

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Sheppard Software
Sheppard Software is a free educational software for teachers that makes learning fun! The site has listed software programs which are completely free for teachers, schools and home-schools. Additionally, Sheppard Software features free educational games including animal pages, kids corner, vocabulary games, history games and science quizzes.
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Teachers Report Assistant
It is a helpful tool for teachers as it produces report cards of an individual student in very short period of time. It also produces professional sounding. The report can be altered in case it doesnt suit any student. It works with word processor usually present in our systems. It can either use the statements downloaded from the internet or the set of statements provided by the teachers. Comments for individual students are also processed in it. It is completely free. You can also send the copies to your colleagues and friends.
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Vexataquaestio consists of test administrating program. This program includes evaluation of result and automated scoring. It has two modes of questions one is multiple choice and other is true false. The questions can be set in any of these modes. Every student is given the same test just the order of questions is different. The questions and answers are easy to edit as they are in simple text file.
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Input Easy
Input Easy is general purpose software of learning. It is designed to help the teachers, administrators, students, hired note takers, tutors, parents, people creating online universities, business people and homeschoolers. It is basically for those who work with a large number of facts with some Freeware. This software is absolutely free.
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Educational Software
Learning has become very easy for a child with the help of software, games and educational activities. The countries of various continents and their capitals can easily be learned with the educational and exciting Freeware map puzzles. The world map, USA map, map puzzles of Europe, Asia and Africa and much more are available online. They are absolutely free of cost.
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Abc Kid Genius ### SITE DOWN ### Abc Kid Genius is software for teaching children about numbers, alphabets, counting, spelling and reading. The learning is made easy and interesting as well for children by using pictures, video clips and sounds in the software. This software is free of cost. This software requires free space of 47 Mb. It also requires Windows media player and Windows 98, 2000, 2003, Me, NT, XP, Vista, Win7, Microsoft VB6 runtime files. Most of the systems already have these files.
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### Site down ### Question Tools Editor Suite Question Tools Editor Suite Freeware Edition provides a facility to deliver and create online exams, tests, exercises and lessons. A creator doesnt need to know scripting, HTML, programming skills. This edition includes the integrated set of products, efficient and practical e-learning tools which is used in almost 121 countries. Editor tool comprises of exam and simple set applications which allow creating interactive and exciting exercises, lessons and tests. A question tool Freeware software, which is free of cost, is used.
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