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Calculate For Free

Calculate for Free is a scientific calculator that allows the user to calculate anytime - for free! The site features three types of scientific calculators namely, Scientific Calculator 1, 2 and 3! Formed in 2000, the aim of the website is to help viewers calculate date in a fast and efficient manner!

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Free Online Calculators

No matter what you want to calculate, you are sure to find a calculator here for it. They have budget calculators, graphing calculators, calorie calculators, airline travel calculators and pretty much every type of calculator you may need and best of all they are all free to use.

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Data Conversion Calc.

If you are looking for a free data converter calculator then you will find one here. Easily convert any computer data units to units. This is a very useful resource and worth bookmarking.

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Giant Calculator

Is the windows calculator too small for you Are you looking for a giant calculator that you can use for teaching purposes so everyone can see it easily If so then go to this website where you will find 2 giant calculators that you can use for nothing. One is sized at 800 x 600 and the other is a massive 1024 x 768.

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Popular Calc. Software

You can download a free calculator from here which will work on any windows based computer from Windows 95 to Vista. It will also work on PDA devices that use the WindowsCE operating system.

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Calculator Prompter 2.51

Calculator Prompter is a math calculator and desktop calculator that you can download and use for free. It supports functions and constants and has a built in error recognition system.

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