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Last Update: Friday, January 8, 2016 At: 11:26:12 (Total Listings: 3)
Money-Laptop Cheap Insurance
Money is a free comparison website that gives you the best deals on gadgets and laptop insurance, we all know how expensive it is to replace gadgets and laptops when they break or get stolen, so get insured for as little as 1.49 per month, Its better to be safe than sorry!

Last 7 Days!
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Tech Bargains
Tech Bargains offers deals and discounts on computers, laptops and insurance coverages. Check out the current deals, promotions and discounts on Tech Bargains and obtain your computer insurance coverage today! Additionally, the site features a forum where techies can gather for conversations and discussions!
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Instant Insurance
If you have purchased an expensive computer or laptop in the last 3 months or you plan on buying one then you need to make sure you have insurance for it as most home insurance policies would not cover the computer sufficiently. By going to this site here you can get yourself a maximum computer protection insurance policy which covers you for most situations including theft, water damage and accidental damage. They presently offer a free computer health checkup after a year of no claims.
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