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If you're looking to keep your files safe and secure, youre in the right place. Mozy offers you the choice of a 256-bit AES personal encryption key or a 448-bit Blowfish key. Additionally, the entire Mozy business has successfully completed a SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type 2 audit and received ISO 27001 certification. (Thats a technical way of saying that some seriously-qualified people have examined our business from top to bottom and theyve said were doing things right.)

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Free Backup Software

AceBackup is a powerful and very useful piece of software. You can backup files and folders to any drive or to cddvd and even to a remote ftp server. Using 256 bit encryption it will ensure your files are kept secure. The best feature of this program is that it is completely free.

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Simple Data Backup V3.1

Simple Data Backup is a FREE program that allows you to quickly and easily back up an entire folder structure from one drive to another. In addition, you can have the program automatically back up certain folders every so many days. It is a simple, but effective program at maintaining a backup of a few key folders on your computer. However, it is NOT an ideal program to maintain a full backup of your entire computer.

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ABC Backup 3.5

ABC backup allows you to copy, upload, download data automatically on schedule from your PC to various storages network disks, remote FTP servers, etc. The program can either mirror your data "as is" or create archived files or directories for copying.

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