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Backup Central

Backup Central is an entire online community that offers free online help and information for anyone who needs practically any information regarding data protection and storage. The website features an integrated blog as well as a place for you to share with others any back up issues that you have come across and have a solution to.

(Listed On Tue Oct 23 15:35:29 2007)


Gizmos Freeware

This free site is great for information on backups for your computer and will compare all backup sites to give you the best idea of which one suites your needs most...

(Date Listed: Tue Oct 23 15:35:29 2007)

2GB Free Backup

Go to the Mozy website and you can get yourself 2GB of secure online backup for free. All you need to do is to register on the website, download their back-up software and select the files that you want to keep scurely online and the software will do the rest for you.

(Date Listed: Tue Oct 23 15:35:29 2007)

Version Back Up

With Version Back Up, you are able to back-up your files for storage on an internet based server for later retrieval if you need it. This software come fully integrated and features the single home user PC version absolutely free.

(Date Listed: Tue Oct 23 15:35:29 2007)

Jaback - Data Backup

Jaback is a free back-up utility that can be set-up to run daily and even upload your back-ups to a FTP server for later retrieval. Featuring full back-up capabilities that includes ZIP files as well as directories, and it can even be set-up to notify you by email after each back up process has bee fully executed.

(Date Listed: Tue Oct 23 15:35:29 2007)

ICE Mirror Back Up

ICE Mirror, creates exact duplicate copies of any directory that you wish to back-up. The software does automatic tasks in which it maintains a back-up of the specified directory and can even do image and video files for later retrieval. The program is fast and efficient, and free. It only back-ups files that have been changed or added to the initial folder that it has been assigned.

(Date Listed: Tue Oct 23 15:35:29 2007)


Ezback-It-Up is a free and easy to use back up software that monitors your files and only backs up files that have been changed since the initial back-up, this also includes backing up if new files. The program features a built in logger and an automated task scheduler.

(Date Listed: Tue Oct 23 15:35:29 2007)