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The Free Stuff Games subsection has plenty of great games for you to spend your time, without feeling the hours passing and without costing you a penny. The variety of games that can be played here ensures that you will have a great time, no matter what type of games you enjoy. The games are designed in Flash, benefiting from enhanced graphics and improved gameplay. Some are virtual representations of traditional games, such as the Rubik Cube, but they are just as intense. Choose the game you want to play and have fun!

If logic games have always been your forte, Conundrum is the type of game to hone your skills with. The blocks on the screen have a funny way of combining with one another, where you need to find just the right combination in order to make all 25 blocks rise from their square beds, where you win the game.

Quick Brick
Since the old times of Tetris, people have loved to play with bricks and combinations. In the virtual world, you do not need any mortar to make these bricks bind as you only need to make them disappear with a swift click of your mouse. Be aware as neglecting some rows and leaving some holes will get you into trouble!

Snake must be among the most awesome and popular game ever invented, and, if you have not yet played this game, it means that you must be from another planet. If you want to remember the good old days, see if you still have it when it comes to guiding this capricious, ever growing snake.

Flash Cube
A virtual version of the famous Rubik Cube, Flash Cube is the kind of game that can keep you playing for hours on end. The 3D effect allows you to see the back of your cube, as well as all the sides, so you do not have to turn it in order to see if you got the right combinations of colors.

Ski Run
If you did not have time to go skiing this winter, Ski Run is ready to offer you some consolation. You will be in charge of a skier, which you will have to guide through the flags until it reaches the finish line. Donít worry if you do not get it right from the get go; the friendly Restart button is ready to use.

1-i is the name of this game, and also the name of the character you will be playing with. A quick look at this Flash designed character will tell you exactly why he is called this. Because he only has one eye, it is difficult for him to dodge those blue blobs that eat away his health bar. Make sure that you can make this quirky character jump and eat only the good green blobs, and, when you see ďGame Over,Ē just start again and see if you can beat your own score.

A Wizardís Tale

A Flash game with many twists and turns, A Wizardís Tale embarks on a great adventure. Being an old wizard has its perks, and, even if you do not look that strong, due to your magic skills, you get to slay dragons and save the princess!

The Apprentice
Being in charge of a Dairy Queen can be a challenge. Serving clients all day does pay off, however, since they will pay good money to get the desserts they are looking for. Move quickly, combine the ingredients, serve the incoming customers, and collect the cash. Do you have what it takes to be a great apprentice?
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