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Blogono Free Blogs
This is a free weblog hosting service that is driven by the popular Wordpress blog system. Blogono offers instant activation and comes with many preconfigured plugins and templates.
(Voting: 5.00 From 5 On 10 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Sat Nov 25 10:22:30 2006)
one of the first and this Blogger has a cool ability to moderate comments as they are added to your blog this can be very handy in certain situations. Perhaps you have very spirited discussions where tempers are prone to running high, or perhaps you just want to catch any comment spam before it reaches your page. Whatever your reasons, the comment moderation feature on blogger com will let you view all comments before they appear on your blog, giving you a chance to approve or reject them as desired.
(Voting: 3.50 From 5 On 2 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Fri Mar 17 22:59:24 2006)
Journal Home provides free blogs for bloggers, journalist, authors, editors, writers, freelance writers, content writers, ghost writers, providing you with free space on the web for creating, editing, managing, and authoring your free blog. Start blogging today.
(Voting: 3.00 From 5 On 2 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Fri Mar 17 22:59:24 2006)
Free Blogging Secrets
Get access to free blogging tips on the Free Blogging Secrets website. All you have to do is to sign up to receive the free e-book titled, 'hype-free strategic blogging'. Learn how to create a blog quickly, and tactics that will draw a large number of people onto your site. Additionally, the e-book features on how to manage your blogging business.
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Free Blogger Content
If you have a blog online then you may well be very interested in checking out this site. They have a section titled Webmasters and Bloggers where you will find free games and free web content which you can use for your own blog.
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***SITE DOWN***Easily set up a remotely hosted blog for free, using the versatile WordPress system. offers unlimited posts and there are loads of themes and templates to choose from.
(Listed On Thu Jan 19 16:41:31 2012)
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What Is A Blog?
A blog gives you your own voice on the internet. It is a place to collect and share things that you find interesting whether it is your political commentary, a personal diary, or links to web sites you want to remember.Many people use a blog just to organise their own thoughts, while others command influential, worldwide audiences of thousands. Professional and amateur journalists use blogs to publish breaking news, while personal journalers reveal inner thoughts.Whatever you have to say, Blogger can help you say it.
(Listed On Fri Mar 17 22:59:24 2006)
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