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BBC Arts

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Uk Arts Directory
For all you arts fanatics, this free directory will guide you through any new questions you would like answered and also has real artist opinions, also forums where everyone can chat, so click here now and learn something new today..

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Sites For Teachers
If you are a teacher and you are looking for free stuff on the Internet that you can use to help with educating the children or students that you are teaching then you need to go to the Sites for Teachers website which is a site that is jam packed with lots of resources and free stuff for teachers.
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Arts Council UK
Arts council England is a national development agency of arts. They carry a number of activities for artists ranging from literature to dance, carnival to crafts, theatre to music and photography to digital art. The great art makes our life better as it gives us inspiration, teaches about the environment around us and ourselves. The art brings the people together. You can easily get the information about their current projects, their financial prospects and the regional council member of any region.
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Free Arts NYC
Free Arts NYC helps under served families and homeless, neglected and abused children by providing them educational arts with mentoring programs. This effort is made to encourage them and to build their self confidence. The programs organized by Free Arts NYC proved to be an inspiration to the children so that they could realize their potential, re-imagine their world and are able to renovate their lives with the help of great arts. This has been possible because of the work of caring and dedicated volunteers. More than 24,000 children and families are being served by volunteers of Free Arts NYC.
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Free Arts
Free Arts provides the help to those families which are living in crisis and abused, homeless children. Free Arts programs primarily work to build a positive attitude and self-esteem of the abused and homeless children. This is achieved by unlocking their creativity and imagination. The Children's Chambers at the Justice Center in Orange County, the Childrens Courthouse in Monterey Park and the rehab centers are the places where various art forms such as music, painting, drama and many other activities are organized. The facilities provided by Free Arts to the families and children are free of cost.
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