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Freeproxy Software

Go to this website which is the home of the Freeproxy Software and you can soon be surfing anonymously. Download the software and check out their forums if you have any difficulties using the program.

(Date Listed: Tue Sep 15 20:51:15 2009)

Download Proxy Software

This very useful site has a wide selection of proxy software listed, most of which is free to use including a web proxy toolbar for use with internet explorer.

(Date Listed: Tue Sep 15 20:51:15 2009)


If you would like some advanced filtering capabilities that protect your privacy then Privoxy is the web proxy for you, a very versatile program that can suit individual needs, the program is very flexible in its configuration, it can be used stand-alone and on multi user networks, if you want great control over obnoxious Internet junk and controlling access, removing ads, managing cookies, banners, pop-ups etc. then Privoxy is for you!

(Date Listed: Sat May 19 21:53:51 2007)

Proxy P2'P ###### SITE GONE ######### Go to this website and you can download and use for free their fantastic piece of software. It is an anonymous proxy server sharing program that will enable you to connect to your peers proxy and allow them to connect to yours. This will protect your privacy and your peers.

(Listed On Thu Jan 13 15:31:48 2011)

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