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Advanced Socket Programming

This tutorial provides an alternative method for Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) by using low-level sockets and object serialization. Written by Qusay H. Mahmoud in 2001, it includes a brief overview and working of object serialization and transporting objects over sockets. The article includes examples of multi-threaded servers and an object-based sample implementation of the daytime protocol. It provides a brief comparison between RMI and sockets with object serialization.

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Sockets For Servers

This article is the eleventh chapter of the book Java Network Programming by Elliotte Rusty Harold in 2000. It discusses the ServerSocket class provided by Java to allow programmers to write servers. It elaborates how ServerSocket runs on the server and listens for incoming TCP connections. The article illustrates with several server examples the ServerSocket class usage and some useful servers.

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Introducing Nonblocking Sockets

This article gives an insight into Nonblocking sockets introduced in Java 2 Standard Edition 1.4. It is authored by Giuseppe Naccarato in 2002. The article explains the concept of nonblocking socket, its operation and the contexts in which it can be useful. It illustrates with diagrams the architecture of a system using nonblocking sockets and presents a general algorithm to write a nonblocking server.

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Secure Your Sockets With Jsse

This tutorial provides an in depth understanding of securing sockets using the Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE). It was written by Jamie Jaworski in 2001. The article shows how to install JSSE and use it to implement HTTPS (i.e., HTTP over SSL). It provides an example of a mini-HTTPS server and Java clients that support the Secure Sockets Layer protocol. It instructs how to setup a bi-directional SSL scheme.

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All About Sockets

This article provides an in depth look into Java sockets used for client-server applications. It explains the concept of a Socket. It explains with the help of a small example how a client program can read from and write to a socket. It explains how to write a ClientServer Pair with the help of a server program that implements the other side of the connection.

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Sockets Programming In Java

This tutorial explains the basics of Sockets programming in Java. It is authored by Qusay H. Mahmoud in 1996. It provides insight into seamlessly writing clientserver applications using Java. The tutorial presents an introduction to sockets programming over TCPIP networks. The article illustrates how to write seamless clientserver applications in Java. It includes several examples and is an ideal tutorial for a novice Sockets programmer.

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