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United States

United States consumer laws are governed by the individual state, but also on a national level. They are put in place to protect the rights of consumers, by ensuring good business practices, and cover a wide variety of consumer to business interactions. Consumer laws are regulated by many governmental bodies and organizations, and the consumer laws are construed out of several separate acts.

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The Consumer Protection Committee

This committee acts as a consumer safeguard, by keeping track of developments in legislation on fraudulent, or deceptive marketing and unfair business practices. This consists out of monitoring the outcome of court cases brought on by industry watchdogs like the Federal Trade Commission. They also monitor individual cases of consumers versus businesses, and on occasion cases brought on by the  attorney general.

Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings

This office monitors and investigates cases regarding compliance in aviation consumer protection, including economical and civil rights. They also offer legal consulting and assistance on licensing issues, in the field of aviation.

Product Safety Commission for consumers(CPSC)

This US commission is in charge of guarding the consumer from the risk of injury, and death, on all products that fall under the organization's jurisdiction. Thanks to the efforts of the CPSC the ratio of injury or death, where consumer products were at fault has decreased with one percent per year, for thirty years, resulting in a thirty percent decline.

As stated these committees, and other government entities, work according to the many acts that combined make up the us consumer laws. These laws are: The Consumer Credit Protection Act officially known as the United States federal wage garnishment law from 1968,the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The mentioned committees and other government entities, in charge of monitoring and investigating compliance to the consumer laws, are assisted by so called industry watch dogs.

Federal Trade Commission(FTC)

This organization serves as the national watch dog for protecting consumers, and collects consumer complaints regarding individual companies, overall business practices and the media. The FTC also makes every effort to educate the general public on matters like protection against fraud, and advocates consumer education.

The Food Safety and Inspection Service(FSIS)

The FSIS acts as the watch dog for guarding consumer health and falls under the United States Agriculture department. The organization is in charge of the correct labeling and packaging of the nation's food supply, and to ensure they are safe and healthy.

National Consumer Law Center(NCLC)

The National Consumer Law Center, is an organization consisting out of legal experts in the field of consumer law, in order to offer assistance to consumers, their legal counseling, and also to law makers, in order to utilize the often complex laws. They also act on behalf of the weaker income classes in the United States, who cannot defend themselves.

Besides the official organizations and entities mentioned above, there are several privately funded consumer organizations, outside the government, like the Association for Consumer Research, Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Specialty Products Association, to name just a few, as there are many more.

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