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What Consumer

If you need to know what the law is regarding consumers a good place to start is the What Consumer website. They have lots of consumer guides and even more information on consumer rights and if you have a complaint you can post it in their free forum for everyone else to see and for experts to respond to.

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Compact Law

At the Compact Law website you will find lots of free articles that could help you with any issues you may have with consumer law. They have articles on all the subjects you would need information on regarding consumer law, including credit agreements, credit checks, credit brokers, pawn brokers, written agreements and more.

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Community Legal Advice

*****SITE DOWN******If you are a resident of England or Wales you can get yourself completely free confidential and independent legal advice at the Community Legal Advice website. The website is also available in several different languages and you can contact them by telephone and even request that they call you back so as not to cost you anything for the call.

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