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Last Update: Wednesday, December 30, 2015 At: 4:49:27 (Total Listings: 10)
Email Spam Test
If you are having trouble with your emails, Email Spam Test is a simple spam check to ensure your emails are not spammed. Many a times the inbox is filled with junk emails, and in order to lessen this kind of email trouble, Email Spam Test will come to your rescue. This is an absolutely free email test checking anti-spam software!
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Mailing Check
With this free software you can run a MailingCheck Spam test which is an offline email spam detection tool. It can offer you email spam cleaning suggestions, run an email content spam test, give you results on your spam rate and it also includes the SpamAssassin test engine. Go to the site now to download this mailing check software absolutely free.
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Spam Check
If you are sending out bulk emails, such as a newsletter or information about your latest products then you will find this site very useful as it offers a free spam checker. Simply enter your text or HTML content of your email into the online form, or you can choose to email it, and within seconds you will receive a full spam check report which will give you a scoring. This score will determine the likelihood of your email ending up in the Junk folder of the recipients email client.
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Pure Email Zero Spam
Register at Breakthru and not only do you get yourself a free email address but you will not get any spam emails as their servers block them before they get into your inbox. You get to allow which friends and websites you want to receive emails from so make your way over to the Breakthru website and in less than a minute you can have a spam free email address for nothing.
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If you are searching for a free email spam filter software then look no further. Mailwasher is absolutely free and as it is used by over 8 million people worldwide that must give you a clue as to how good it is. Try it out for yourself by going to the website and downloading it right now. If you submit your email address they will send you 3 emails that will show you how to use their software effectively.
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Spam Aware
SpamAware is a plugin for Ms-Outlook and MS-Outlook Express. It uses SpamAssassin to score new incomming mails and decides based on the settings made in options what to do with the mail. It contacts through SpamAssassin several spam-server to be more efficient. The application is completely functional after installation and gets automatically active on new mails. It supports Black- and Whitelist filtering and is able to automatically add all your Outlook and Outlook Express contacts and add recipients of mails you write to the Whitelist.
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Spam Experts
Freeware Spam Experts provides an innovative alternative antispam software solution, which is free for Home use. A deeper understanding is necessary to understand the SpamExperts' power over competing technologies so you will need to see their demonstration and understand how it works. Essentially A self-learning loop is created which dramatically enhances the filtering results. Even though it does require an initial training phase (you need to tell the software which messages are good and which are Spam) after that you are free again)
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