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Copyscape Search
Search for copies of your webpage on the internet, Many webmasters and content publishers (including myself) find copyscape useful for detecting and making sure our content remains ours.... try it!
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Article Checker
Everyone wants fresh content. Here's a copy-paste-compare web master tool that you can use to check your articles for plagiarism. You have three options you can compare your article with (1) Google (2) a database or (3) another website. The results would show how many times a phrase or a sentence is duplicated.
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Taken From Wikipedia.Org
Plagiarism is a form of cheating, and within academia is seen as academic dishonesty. It is a matter of deceit fooling a reader into believing that certain written material is original when it is not. Plagiarism is a serious and punishable academic offense, when the goal is to obtain some sort of personal academic credit or personal recognition. Plagiarism is not necessarily the same as copyright infringement, which occurs when one violates copyright law.
(Listed On Sun Jul 23 16:12:21 2006)
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