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Free Guestbook Script

On the Chipmunk Scripts website they have a php script guestbook which you can add to your site for free. Download the code directly from the site and should you have any queries regarding the script you can find help and information in the support forum.

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A Free Guestbook

If you have your own website and you would like to put a guest book on your site then go to this site right here as they offer free guest-books which you can integrate into your own site. See their website for more details and to view a demo of the guestbook.

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Guestbook Service

If you are a webmaster and you are searching for a guest-book for your website that is free then look no further. At the Myfreegb website they offer a guestbook which is completely free and best of all does not include any advertisements, see their site for a full range of features of this freely available guest book.

(Date Listed: Tue Apr 3 11:24:32 2012)

Guestbook Depot

****SITE DOWN****Guestbook Depot guestbooks They're Free. As long as you don't mind having ads on your page...

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