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Free Uk Domain

Want a new business website then get one for FREE here, you get a domain name, web site and hosting..managed by Google this is a comprehensive site for new online businesses in the UK.

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Free Domain(s) Offered - .tk (Tokelau) In order to use the FREEDOMAIN.TK you will need to have an existing webpage and or website and or homepage somewhere on the Internet. the webpage needs to be up and running! providing content and is reachable by the world in order for your Dot TK address to refer to it and work. The website address can be as long as 63 characters. Internet users who surf to your Dot TK address will automatically be directed to the website address you have registered through DNS. You can change your web site address at any time to redirect users to a different web site or webpage.

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Cool Free Co.Cc Domain

GET A COOL DOMAIN FREE. This is a free domain name registrar with online customer service support.

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The websites above offer free domain names some are unlimited some require payment after a year! Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each site before you commit yourself because some ISPs will not let the domain name go after registering it for you or at least expect you to pay an inflated fee to move your domain somewhere else!

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