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Useful Sites
My Space Counter
This site provides myspace compatible code to paste into your website, the counter is provided by and uses a very reliable software backend that was built over several years by Globel Limited, the engine that drives this counter has been tested and proven over time across many WebPages, so if you require something you can install and forget then this counter is for you, has some useful statistics as well.
(Listed On Sat Mar 22 11:34:18 2008)

Free Counters
Not only has this site been around since the year dot it also has the widest selection of counters I have seen ever! To change the code to a myspace counter you check a button to create my space code! You need to spend a little time here selecting your new image because there are so many of them the site also provides statistics for graphical counters, which is scarce these days.
(Voting: 0.49 From 5 On 37 Vote!) Vote! Why? (Date Listed Sun Apr 15 00:51:36 2007)
Make Your Space (Counter)
This site claims to provide the correct code for my space users including your web page or any profile, there is a specific change in the code in order to use a counter like this and a lot of java counters will not work! They offer 5 different designs at the time of writing and a relatively simple myspace graphical counter.
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This page incorporates all counters that can be used with myspace! not all counters can be used on this platform so you need to check first before you spend a lot of time getting code and pasting it into your webpage to no avail, for instance (at the time if writing) Java WILL NOT WORK on the my space website.
(Listed On Tue May 22 00:41:55 2007)
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