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Online Funny Jokes
This site has tons of free stuff, games, videos, riddles and over 15,000 jokes, enough to keep you laughing all day and night.
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Joke Warehouse
A database full of fun and humor with a search facility too, this archive has been serving dating back December 2000! If you can only remember parts of a joke you can search for it here, they also have a mailing list you can subscribe to!
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Jokes Gallery
Huge gallery riddle archive with over 20 funny categories about blondes, men, religion etc. this site also has pictures, videos, insane photos, funny movies, greeting cards, riddles and More....
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All Clean Jokes
Clean joke and humor site full of free funny clean jokes, cartoons, pictures and funny stuff safe for the whole family!
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Jokes Gallery
The Jokes Gallery was formed in 2000, with the aim of featuring free jokes. The website has categorized its jokes into children, deep thoughts, female, blondes, religious, computers, political and much more! Also, check out the funny pictures, funny videos and funny flash on the Jokes Gallery for an ultimate laugh!
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A Joke A Day
A Joke a Day is a free jokes website which has been operating since 1995. The website maintains a professional humorous site. Score at your next big gathering, whether it is at a cocktail or Office Christmas party! Search for your favorite joke, submit a joke or sign up to receive free jokes through email!
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Free Funny Jokes and funny pictures websites presented here with thousands of jokes and pictures available for you to read and enjoy! on some sites you can also receive a daily joke through a newsletter. You can rate them and email them to family and friends right on some website itself. Some sites also allow you an option for submitting your own joke and also participate in a contest and this then could win you great prizes that will be sent to your own home! Please remember to read the terms of the site.
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