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Everyone enjoys hearing the word Free, this site will offer you the chance to get yourself free gifts, ranging from, football shirts, mountain bikes, gym equipment and much more. Take a look and get yourself some freebies today.

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British Sports.Com

Everyone enjoys competitions, especially when there are great sports prizes to be won, this site will give you the chance to win prizes like, Silver stone, moto gp, even win your own replica of the triumph motorcycle that David Beckham rode in the Amazon...enjoy!

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Free Sports Magazine

If you like to read about your favourite team or sportsman you may be interested in visiting the Free Sports Magazine here where they have lots of free articles, contests and offers on lots of sports categories including boxing, MLB, NBA, NFL, soccer, college sports and more.

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Tele Sport 24

If you are a big fan od sports in general then you may be interested in taking a look at this website here as you will be able to watch live sports from sports channels all over the world. So no matter which types of sport you like to watch you are sure to find a very wide variety of sports channels on this website which you can watch for free.

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Trivia Country

At the Trivia Country website you will find thousands of free trivia questions and answers which you could use to have fun quiz nights with your friends and family. They have questions and answers on lots of different subjects including movies, music, art, food, famous people, sports in general and lots more.

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