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Sheep Poo Paper

For an elegant, well aged craft paper made in Wales, why not check out Sheep Poo Paper. Thats right, it is made from a sterilized mix of Sheep Poo and paper waste. This is an excellent site that has gotten many fine reviews from top sites like Yahoo. To think green, when it comes to paper, why just use the same old traditional recycled paper, when your recycled paper can be mixed with Sheep Poo.

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Ellie Poo Paper

For an extremely unique as well as elite recycled paper product, why not check out this site, which offers paper made from rhino poo. All of their paper is 100% recycled rhinoceros poo. Completely sterilized and good for the environment, this website also offers a greeting card kit in which you cam make your own greeting cards out of recycled rhino poo.

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By Nature Stationary

For a natural green, organic and ethical stationary option, why not check out this site. Not only do they offer stationary that is 100% earth friendly, but many other things from foods to clothing to almost anything you need for your home and family to become more earth friendly.

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Paper Round

Lets face it, we all know where to buy recycled paper products, but how many people know who to contact to sell their old paper to Well the answer is here at this site, which offer not only newly made recycled paper for you office needs, but can also offer a reliable collection service for your office. Think green when it comes to your office needs and save some money at the same time by recycling the in-house paper that you would have just thrown away.

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