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Rename Application

Rename Copyright Free Stuff ME UK
recent version V1.0.5

This little application came about mainly because I wanted something relatively simple small and light to go on my desktop to provide me with text lists of all my files! It has improved a little and when I get time will upgrade it, please let me have any suggestions or features you would like to see.

This program is designed as a small application to fit on a floppy disk or ram drive for a quick easy solution to batch rename files on a server or local hard drive and/or create an output text file with the contents of a directory, please be careful when using this application as the creator and Free Stuff ME accept no responsibility of any resulting damage, you should be an administrator and/or somebody that understands the implications of using a powerful mini application like this!

This program is Freeware "FREE" and anyone can use it for whatever purpose the only restrictions are it cannot be sold and/or distributed in any fashion other than on the original Free Stuff Website or by Globel Limited and related companies (Unless Written Consent Given!), if you obtain this application anywhere else other than Globel or Free Stuff please inform us and support our free sites, no other distribution rights are granted please contact us if you are interested in offering it on your site,


Date Version (Click to Download)
21 July 2006 (most recent)
22 December 2006

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